About Us

Love and Hate is an expressive concept to help express those deep down emotions. It’s not for hate as in violence, but that feeling of frustration and anger. Through the beauty of art and love, we can embrace them. Love and Hate both exist in this world and often go hand in hand throughout our daily lives. So, we must embrace both and use the idea to empower ourselves to be great and enjoy the beauty of these two strong emotions. I created LoveAndHateStuff.com to share this idea with the world and empower those who don’t know how to target some of these feelings, and use them for beauty by adding some Love to it and letting it help them grow. I designed this brand to help troubled teens direct their emotions in a good way, instead of turning to drugs, alcohol or even suicide. Having something you can connect with is very helpful when your dealing with things in life. Although, this can be encouraging for people of all ages, from young kids to adults.Purchase your Love and Hate stuff today, and let it be a reminder of your strength, love and passion!